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  1. How do I put posts up I really need to know how to do this?
  2. Hey dude what is up how has it been goin what have you been up to?
  3. Hey dude what is up have not talked to you in a while?
  4. oh it was good thanks for asking........................
  5. Hey dude what is up how was everybodies christmas?
  6. Hey dude what is up? Where did you get that sick avatar of Goku in Super Sayian 4?
  7. Is there anything like yahoo messenger on this thing or what?
  8. What do he/she look like? How old is your dog and what shelter or whatever did you get your dog from?
  9. it was great my parents bought a Yorkie terrier he is pretty cool
  10. Hey what is up it was kinda boring over the weekend how was your weekend?
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