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  1. lol, well can't say I do, but if you do need help, just ask one of the moderators, they always help.
  2. Is there someone in here that knows everything about anime online?
  3. Hey dude what is up have not talked to you in a while?
  4. hey thats alright man, But just to let you know, I'll probably be not online all the time you know? so I'll try and drop you a line sometime, Later.
  5. Hey I just added you to my friends list hope that is cool with you.
  6. lol yeah pretty much, its so quiet though, and it looks like everyone rather wants to play game lol, rather have a good conversation huh? anyways wats up?
  7. Hey dude what is up so far what I know is that me and u r the only ones on here.
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