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  1. My comp is lagging, sorry.
  2. Plus can I trust u to do something for me that I never get a chance to do because the school blocked these to sites and I have no computer I can use at home with internet access.
  3. Hey dude are u there or what is there like a place to were you can games on this site?
  4. Hey what is up everybody my name is captianspaz but you can call me cap.
  5. Maybe it's because of the difference in time zones.
  6. Hello anyone there every time I come on this thing there is no one here why is that?
  7. Anyone there or am I just on this thing by myself again?
  8. Haha, it's okay you're not annoying ^_^ I'm Rave, how are you?
  9. Hey r u there? U r the only one that is on here besides me and i am new here sorry if I am bothering you to much and annoying you.
  10. Hey what is up u and me are the only ones on here I believe.
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