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  1. maybe you just need to hace a subject to talk about
  2. I try, it's just that I'm not very social. And when I try, people don't respond much.
  3. aww that suckz :,( you should get out more then if you don't have that many friends
  4. Yeah same here, I only have one friend in real life.
  5. yea, i hate it when i can't do that cuz thats where i have some friends
  6. I'm doing fine, how about you? I understand, there are times when I can't get online either.
  7. good, im sorry for not talkin to ya in a while i havnt got a chance to get on the internet for a while :/ but i stay logged on so how have you been?
  8. Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while. How have you been?
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