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  1. lol i kno.. but also u'd take a chance on trusting that person to tell u the truth
  2. That may be true the result are the say but depending to tell thing on each other realy on trust u know i not saying i dont i just saying ...
  3. well we both r open minded, we can ask eachother anything, idk wat else rite now sorry.
  4. Wat things do we have in coomen plz expain enlighten me if u can and y r u lost wat happen cause this is very interesting for me to know beautiful
  5. ur interesting because ur nice and i feel like i can tell u anything and we have things in comin.. and idk im lost
  6. How i been is how i beenn get it lol i bvet u dont it confusing i nkow and i nkow that kay it show wat time ppl last log on and i play attetion to do that lol kay
  7. HOw do u say i am interesting wat do u mean by that explain if u can by all means put all sort of details to it cause this is very interesting for me to know y
  8. so how have u been? im sorry i havent been on in a while.
  9. ohhh thanks but ur interesting to.........................
  10. I just saying it very interesting wat u r talking about that all does that a ur q
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