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  1. my weekend didnt go so well.... but im good now.. my parents and i got into a fight and i hurt my slef to get rid of some of the anger.. do u have facebook?
  2. OOOOOOKKKKKKKK madam as you wish..... well in either case i like to be polite.... i sometime end up getting in trouble without realizing i am.... anyways hope ur weekend went yesterday was awesome for me i actually had almost a ful day of kendo practice with my cousin and friend i tried getting shadow here to come but he was busy babysitting so i had no choice to do it without him.... but in anycase it was fun would have been better but still it was fun so i cant complain... well im going to watch shamin king before i go to work so ill catch you later k cathy-san.... bye hope you have a nice day today and take care...
  3. yea please dont typ 24 anime's on that would be a lot to read.. and who ever said that i was better than u? theres no need to be sorry..
  4. yea well then if we ever meet we have to race and see whos faster at changeing the oil... sound like fun? or not really? sorry im a competitive person.... i love challenges especially when im up against ppl that are better then me.... i just like the thrill it gives me.... oh yea i came up with another 24 different anime's but im not gonna bother with that rite now i just got home from a late night so im just gonna finish here and go to bed for a little bit.. well have a great weekend cathy and take care bye.....
  5. lol its 12:48 here... so better than my dad when it comes to changing oil in the truck.....yea u defently won that game lol..
  6. no not really i wasnt really working working but i was working on my grandmas truck she need a new oil change but i cant really do anything now cuz my retarted cousin who changed it last stripped the bolt and i cant get it off... i stopped working on it cuz i dont want to mess it up more then what it already was so im waiting for my dad to get home to help me cuz he's a pro at things like that... as for me im not im more like the side kid when it comes to things like this.... oh well it cant be helped anyways just wantd to say hi and good morning to you if it was morning there cuz it is here.... anyways i gonna watch some more Rurouni kenshin.... take care cathy and have an awesome day bye....,
  7. you work? wat do u do? i dont work tryin to get a job tho.
  8. well then its my turn lets see... bleach, naurto, code geass, toyko majin, yu-gi-oh, sword of the stranger, nausicaa valley of the wind, devil may cry, karas, gundam wing, full metal alchemist, better man, claymore, basilisk, death note, argento soma, appleseed, umm dragon ball z, mar, zatch bell, rurouni kenshin, s-cry-ed, vampire knight, shamin king, umm k im stuck i know ive seen some more i just cant member the names well ill get back to you on that one.... hope ur haveing a good day cathy take care laterz i got to get back to work...
  9. ill try but idk if i can good as good as u um bleach, naruto yeah i cant remeber any more rite now sorry
  10. yooo.... thats kool well then i think you and i will get along just fine then... as for where i live i live in a small town called salem in new mexico its really hot and wind here lately... it normally is just windy.... heres a little project for you... can you tell me as many anime that you have seen? i know it might be hard but it should be fun to...hope it wont be that difficult for you... ill do the same but tomorrow cuz im bored and typing isnt really all that fun for me sorry about that... well hope you have a great week take care cathy laterz...
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