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  1. you dont have to worry about making me bord..its not gonna happen.. and yeah ive seen bleach..its awesome.. where do u live? when i talk to ppl i look for ppl with a good personalty.. i dont care about ppls looks or crap like that. i want to get to kno u more
  2. actually... i really dont see anything wrong with girls... tho i suppose attitude, respect (for themselfs and others) trust and loyalty, things like that are what i mostly go by looks are on thing but i rather look beyond that and see that person for whom they really are... in person is a lot easier then over the net tho... umm i wonder have you seen an anime called shaman king... its awesome i like it ooo what about claymore have you seen that... or karas... umm have you seen gundam wing or any of the those series... how about death note, bleach, and code geass... sorry ive spent the day watching different episodes from those and well im gonna do it again... yay... anime.. well hope i didnt bore you with this trivial non- sence... well hope you have a good day laterz....
  3. yea u told me ur name...and i like it.. um wat is one thing u dont like about girls?
  4. well actually im older but only by one year that reminds me his birthday was just three days ago... and yea im for my name i thought i told you unless im think of another person but oh well its Marco tho i hate my name but i suppose i cant do anything about it just yet... well other then that is there anything else you would like to know? well hope you have a good day take care laterz....
  5. vampires r pretty cool.. i like vampires, skulls, dont ask me why but im also in to faries, and dragons, i didnt find any of this boring.. its ....fascinating and interesting.. how old r u? and wats ur name? you have to keep in mind im difffrent then other ppl.. i see life diffrently. so is ur brother 19 or are u 19 or both of u? sorry i must be asking to many questions.. sorry later
  6. awesome.. you dont find a lot of girls into anime where me and andrew here are from... well i like pretty much any color except pink and red... and i see you met my brother... well he's not by blood but we grew up together and we are really close so we consider eachother brothers.... he's also my trustworthy and loyal bishop.... so you like all types same here but i like vampire one mostly but then again i like mechs and fusions or magacians even cybors man i love anime so much....oops sorry im getting a little cared aways with it well i think i wrote more then what i should have well hope you dont mind reading all this lol i dont think you will tho since its all boreing... sorry about that laters and take care k bye
  7. my birthday is may 22. im into all anime.. the resion i thought u would get in trouble is becase im amost 16 years old. idk wat im talking about..sorry. wats ur favorite colors?
  8. actually who would you get me in trouble? and i doubt i would get in any troubel... but if i do then it would be my mistake not urs k cathy... anyways my birthdays in september 8... and urs if you dont mind me asking? by the way are you into anime if so what kind?
  9. i want to get to kno u to but i dont want to get u in trouble.. i dont care wat u ask me ...i'll answer anything. whens ur birthday?
  10. well the choice is urs and urs alone... i do not mind you asking me anything if it bothers me ill tell you and i wish for you to do the same... as for me wanting to get to know you ... i would like that but that is up to you... and yea im 19 ill be 20 this year but not till after the summer...i bid you far well for now cathy-san please take care till the next time we meet....
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