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  1. Hey Cathy how have you been anything new going on with you lately?
  2. Okay you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
  3. sweet.... hey have a good day ok... i'll talk to u later
  4. Oh awesome that's what I am going to do is buy all that came out or just have my parents get them for me for christmas lol.
  5. no my brother gets the seasions and i watch them... which is awsome
  6. Yes! I love the show Naruto I watch it every Wednesday! Do you what the show when then new eps come on Wednesday?
  7. yea im gonna be with my bf also... do u like the show naruto?
  8. Yeah, I really agree with you on that one! I believe sakura and sasuke they really make a cute match. I haven't been doing much just been hanging out with my bf Roger. This weekend I am going to be hanging out with him. So do you have any plans this weekend?
  9. no not really, and thanks i love naruto...and they make a good match to.... so wat u been doing latly?
  10. I love your profile pic I love sasuke and sakura! So how has your day been how was your weekend anything new going on with you?
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