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  1. Really same here lol I have like ALOT of homework more then I mostly do lol. I so can't wait till this weekend what you ganna be doing this weekend????
  2. nope nothing really.... just in school being bored... lol and wbu ?
  3. Hey Cathy how have you been anything new going on with you?????
  4. hey... um yea a few new things is goin on.... im in 10th grade now... and thats about it for rite now... hbu?
  5. Hey long time no chat how have ya been anything new going on?.?
  6. oh wow well i wish you the best of luck on your studys ^_^
  7. its going good..until today... im taking my finals early because im not gonna be there for the last two day of shcool. so its kinda hard becaue ive not had much time to study..
  8. i'm good thank you. ^^ thats good how was ur week?
  9. ok i r u? im doing good...........
  10. hey cathy ^^ check out my new poem i just posted. :P
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