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  1. no u dont sound mean or mad at all... and i understand perfectly wat u mean out following ur parents safety rules..
  2. sorry if i sounded mean or mad but im just following my parents safety rules. but here's a little about me i'm 17, a junior in high school, my b-day is Oct.20, im shy a school but not so much when it comes to talking online, im nice once u get to know me.
  3. im in almost 16. my birthday is may 22. and im shy.. i dont wanna ask u anything that u dont wanna tell me so im not gonna ask anything
  4. before i decide to accept ur friend request tell me a little about urself. and anything u'd like to know about me. please leave out ur real name and where u live cuz u won't get any of that from me.(i'm not trying to be rude but it's da truth).
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