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  1. hey blood sister i thought i'd drop in say hi and see how thing are and how you are doing?
  2. hey sister i miss you and hope you are doing well and i'm back on now you can taclke me anytime.
  3. hey there sister i miss you and i want to let you know to wait two weeks and a day to send me anything and i will let you know again when you can since i'm moving ok love you blood sister.
  4. oh i have my own ways it just takes a while i have no idea how to right now but it will come i just need some time i miss you and love you siter.
  5. thank you sister and i'm a bit better just need to find a way to keep my inner clam and everything will be just fine.
  6. i've been ok but i'm missing a lot of people and trying to make myslef less stressed but everything is going good and i got a few pictures taken of me in my costume.
  7. hey sister how are u how have you been i have missed you so very much.
  8. yeah he is a really really good buddy and anyone who is freinds with him is very very lucky.
  9. not to much right now just talking with you and a very old freind i have not spoken to in a very long time.
  10. hey thought i'd drop in and say hello and see what you are up to.
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