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  1. ah i see well try not to really give up just yet k sometimes when its far its strong but one never knows wat will happen just never give up on urself or in anythin u hear lol cuz hell wat i'm goin through is rough cuz i mean i like this one girl like i really really like her but its like i can't date her not yet at least =/ plus my ex gf is threatenin her & i'm bein dragged into it but i dnt wanna be i just wanna be with her u kno
  2. im already about to give up...i mean becase we live so far away...
  3. awww how sweet u like someone but hey they like u back but i bet he dnt wanna ask u out yet cuz he's probably afraid of wat might happen keep ur head held high
  4. lol, its only my stupid love life..... theres this guy who i like and he likes me but he wont go out with me just yet, but he tells me he loves me... and its breaking my heart every time i see or talk to him.
  5. hats good i guess & its ok i liked my cousin but eh things happen so tel me y ur ife is goin down the drain message me whenever u kno
  6. oh im so sorry!!! well my life is going down the drain... i finally got away from my father... which is good
  7. life goes eh for me kinda good kinda bad just found out one of my favorite cousins passed away a couple of days ago
  8. its ok... i missed talking to u tho... hows life treating u?
  9. lol sorry i've been busy with my job i hardly got on for a while & i sent u a message once b4 askin how u were but then nothin like no reply guess it never got to u o well u can always message me u kno
  10. lol, im glad that ur doing ok. y did u stop talking to me?
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