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  1. hey i'm doin ok & u i haven't talked to u in a while either
  2. hey how r u? i havent talked to u in a while.......................
  3. i responed to the message.. ive been at my brothers.. oh im getting my drivers lissens.. so that good
  4. hey there sorry i haven't been on i'm gettin ready for the shed u know o ya i left u a message
  5. im ok... r u still sick? if so i hope u get feeling better.. my future dreams r to finish school and ether go to art school or cooking school.. after i move of course.. i dont wanna live here.
  6. i can send u a message if u'd like u know but just wonderin how u r doin i'm doin good just tired
  7. ok how r u?. i need more letters....................
  8. um wat r u future dreams and all u know and how r u doin i'm sick with a fever like hell its not cool i feel dizzy
  9. yea i kno wat u wat else do u want to talk about..?
  10. Really that's cool not many ppl like that kinda stuff
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