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  1. thats cool... y would i hate u for doing that? to me its awesome!!
  2. lol cool well ido weird things just to see wat ppl would say like for example and dnt hate me but i have a necklace made out of like a dead cat it was dead already but me and my friend make these things and try to sell them cuz we believe in a reality beyond wat ppl see we try to show the beauty of life in different ways
  3. um yea i do things that weirds ppl out to.. but sometimes i try not to
  4. well i was just wonderin u know but hey i gtg so i will talk to u l8r k take care and feel free to message me or somethin if u need anythin k
  5. sweet and sweet dnt let ppl change who u r u know who u r and who u wanna be and cool ur into blades r u also into things that would freak most ppl out tho cuz thats wat i do i weird ppl out just to see wat they would say
  6. no if i had it my way i would still be goth... my parents made me change.. when i turn 17 im gonna be goth again.. and yes i love blades and candel sticks and ninja sords im into a lot of that.
  7. thats cool u like alot of the same bands i like too and wow u used to be goth wat made u change was it just a phase or somethin cuz to me i'm a goth cuz it shows who i really u like swords and blades and stuff like that too and r u used to seein things that would weird pp out
  8. well my favorit bands r korn, system of down, bullet for my valentien.. note i suck at spelling.. um i like otep.. i like a lot of metal..and i used to be goth.
  9. thats cool any favorite bands mine is iron maiden has been since i was 7 and will always be my favorite band of all times so its like u can say i've been a metal head and now goth since age 7 but ya i like all sorts of bands
  10. i like metal, rock, and some rap....i live in a small town called willow springs
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