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  1. um yea i can message anytime..except when im at home. sorry im not much of a talker today...i got hurt really badly yesterday
  2. O ya u can send me a message anytime sorry if it takes me a while to reply tho
  3. May 22 wow mine was may 7 just turned 19 and wow only 16 not bad got a long way to go in life but ya me well let's see I'm just a good person to get to know but ya feel free to ask me anythin u want and also I dnt really say much but I will talk a lot when known someone
  4. really cause i think ur awesome to.. i see life differently as well.. when im with my friends (depending on how comfortable i am) i joke around.. i protect my friends and i used to be goth. im 16 years old well pretty close any way.. my bithday is may 22. so anything else u want to tell me about urself?
  5. thats cool umm well lets see my name is andrew nunez most friends call me andrew or noodles i'm 19 years old and i'm a goth guy who speaks his mind and sees things in life differently but yet i can be really nice as well as mean so if ur nice to me thats great umm lets see my favorite color is black i have a wacky imagination and i like to play games mainly guitar hero but ya if u want u can message me u dnt have to i just think ur awesome
  6. well my name is cathy marie isabella rose collier... i speek my not the best favorite colors r red black blue purple. i would like to get to kno u to. so tell me about ur self to.
  7. hey i added u as a friend so tell me a bit about urself like wat ur into and all but u dnt have to tell me if u dnt want to just thought i'd like to get to know u
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