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  1. *smiles and pushes u a lil* nice... ok i'll keep trying... hey do u have facebook?
  2. just try try and try cause one day u will get someone. for all u know it might be
    *singing*im to sexy for my shirt, im to sexy for my shirt that it hurts! lol its stuck in my head!
  3. oh i c... well im trying to find a guy... but its working like crap.... oh well,i just have to keep looking
  4. good got a new girlfrend and i wont play her this time iv stoped that last time it ended pritty badly.
  5. ive been good...... long time no talk how have u been?
  6. oh hey i see my sister was here so how have u been?
  7. it was nice to meet u to...later have a good day!!
  8. green and black. it was nice to meet u gtg...............................
  9. thats really cool... wats ur favorite colors? mine r red,black,blue, and purple
  10. wow on the 24 is my sis birthday and shill be 16 also.
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