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  1. im glad that u feel that way!! but why are ur parents up set? i mean they should be happy for him.. of course that wat i think..
  2. parents r upset. but im over joyed. im glad he found himself.
  3. yes he did... he came to me of advice.... are u mad that he told me?
  4. did my brother tell you his secerat(sp)? i had now clue untill now!
  5. ok hey tell him i asked him to talk to me..... please
  6. oh im did u do that? my leg hurts but its no biggie
  7. got to go but hey my bro chads comeing on tho! bye*hugs*
  8. im good have i good day also just my back hurts though around my sholder.
  9. thanks.... how r u? are you haveing a good day????????????
  10. hello i see you changed your profile pic! its so cute!
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