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  1. im good looking for a job so what hapend whit you that youre starting to feal beter if its personal i under stand
  2. im doing better... and what about you?........... this 50 thing is getting really stupid really fast!
  3. hahaha thats funny so how are you doing..............................(stupid 50 thing)
  4. :P not fair u have more games that me.... lol jk..
  5. for my cube i have beuble bash, zelda X2, colosseum and XD, paper/sunshine. for the Wii i have metal slug, Brawl, G-hero, madworld, bleach, Z-Twilight.
  6. game cube... i have pokemon, and for wii.......i have havest moon and the game that has boxing and tenis and boling on it
  7. Thats cool what fames do you have for your cube and wii
  8. i have a xbox 360, game cube, ps2, xbox, and wii..
  9. I have a N64, game cube, and a Wii how adout you. there go my 50 Ha!
  10. cool.. wat game system(s) do u have? these are my 50 words
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