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  1. Merry christmas to you too! I haven't beem on for a long time too, so...
  2. Very long time no talk ........ Merry Christmas ... this will be my last time on in a bout 2 weeks
  3. Been awhile now, and happy Halloween to you too^^I have been doing fine
  4. hi how are you doing i hope you have a happy halloween well gtg soon
  5. Same here too! I know what you mean. When I go to high school, I gonna try designer XD
  6. Well not really but I wish!!!!!!!!!!
    I am really in the band
  7. Lol. Are you a designer or what now? but sound pretty fun too ^^
  8. yeah the class is called computer design and it is fun because i have a lot of free time
  9. Do you have computer everyday at school or what? o_0
  10. i am at school almost every time i go one .................
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