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  1. Hey, Charleese, I've started a new social group, it's Ceres Mansion, wanna join? You could be the host. I'm the evil that makes up the castle, mwahaha! I'll give you half control of the thread, you can make all the rules and such. Nya.
  2. lols i have only one on there but i am working on the rest right now
  3. lol, ok. Didn't want you to have a panic attack or something. XD I'll take a look at your sigs.
  4. lol i am good now but i am still working on my sigs i am starting to get the hang of it
  5. lol, it's ok, calm down, don't spazz too much or you might have a brain hemorage. XDXDXD Lmao
  6. llllllllloooooooooolllllllllllllll how !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lacisu omg lol i am sooooo hyper lol andi have been working on my sigs
  7. Hi, how are joo? I'm doing good nya. I'm running out of places to go on the internet. Meep.
  8. Lol, it's a big busu. XDXDXD Blaaaaaarrg! akdjfowiehf aweijfwoaeifhs! Eheheeee!
  9. lol THAT SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yeah i hate that message thing baka
  10. Lol, I burned out my ps2. Nya. XDXDXD Meep! -Stupid 'message is too short' thing.- Gah.
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