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  1. lols i did tooo it is fun i love staying up i am a tottal gamer i was on Xbox live the whole time
  2. Lol, same here. XD I hardly slept on my break too. Hehe, the longest I stayed up was about, almost, three days.
  3. lol i was ok i was kinda bored but i went to little tokyoand china town oh and san fransisco and i read a lot but on the side of christmas i did not get much tho *yawn* oh and i got about 2 hours of sleep a night
  4. It was ok. Fun and refreshing. Haha, made stupid videos, drew, watched anime movies, played FF games, the usual. Nya.
  5. well happy birthday thats great to hear i am guessing you had a good vacation then?
  6. Good, I just turned 16 Janruary 12. Teehee. Nyay! I got lotsa good stuff for Christmas. Nyeep.
  7. LOL i have been really busy but good to hear from you so how were the holidays? its a little after tho
  8. Hi! I'm fine, how are joo? Nya, sorry I haven't been on in a while. For some reason, this site was blocked but now it's not. Nya. 'Tis artarded.
  9. Some ones happy soooooooooooooooooo how are you......?????????????
  10. Hiya! How are you? nya, meep, nyeepp!!.................................
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