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  1. Oh thats kool did u have any fun? how was your weekend??? ^_^
  2. nah not really just hung with my dad at his place for the first time ever so that was weird and met a family i didnt know i had
  3. lol wow i love summer only time to get a brake of work and stuff and get to spend time with zach of corse ^^ so anything new going on???
  4. nope im sick of it lo0l .........................................
  5. o.o what?!?!?!?!?!? why are you already tired of thee summer >< its like that best! lol i love when summer comes.
  6. thats good .. i am already tired of summer lol blehh
  7. oh that good to hear umm ive been good thanks just enjoying my time with zach ^^
  8. eh ive been better ... i wasin the hospital for a while bt im good now ..u?
  9. yeah it just all takes time soon or later you may want kids. they are fun to have around.^^ so how have you been anything new?
  10. i dont trust myself to treat them right .. i dont know maybe with time ill change
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