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  1. oh thats kool sound fun! ^_^ i might get to go see zach today and i'm at school and my mom wont awser her damn phone! lol
  2. um well i just got a small job and i have some classes i am taking at the college and then touring with my friends
  3. well yeah true haha. so are what are ya doing this summer?.? i'm going to my fiance place! ^^
  4. lol i would but i have a lexus i dont even wanna try
  5. yeah, that is really stupid thou.... someone could of got hurt but you let him pass so meh lol i might of brake check him but knowing me i wouldn't haha.
  6. it was ok he was just being an idiot lol I just pulled off the street and let him pass ...
  7. lol yeah i guess. o.o omg wow lol really? how did that turn out? lol
  8. aka ex boyfriends lol omg u shoulda seen it yesterday he was balistic i actually pulled off the damn street
  9. oh well thats good then to be a safe driver just watch out 4 the crazy ppls lol
  10. Yeah it is thanks I love driving tho I am always safe
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