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  1. oh really?!?!?!? well congraz on getting your temps careful driving on the road there r some crazy ppl out there not kidding lol. safe driving should be fun i know it is lol.
  2. yup yup just got em i am 15 and a half go i got temps
  3. oh kool sounds like funz. ^^ yeah, safe is goodz lol ummm i'm going camping and driving my moms car around i'm happy to have my temps i have em for a lil while now. ^^ do you have yours?.?
  4. yeah i got a improv show i have to do with my school .. then i am gonna probally hang with some friends .. anything to get my mine safe.. u?
  5. oh kool thats awsome. umm not really any morez i've been oh this site for awhile now so i'm not new^^ so u doing anything this weekend?.?
  6. good just in multi media class so im online .. im on almost every day .. so ur new?
  7. hi charlee its very nice to meet you. -yey- so how are you?.?
  8. Hi Jenny I'm Charlee and sure I'd love to be friends
  9. hellooooo how are you? i'm jenny^^ wanna be friends?
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