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  1. He's off for certain reasons... but pm me, cause there's something i need to talk to you about, that's personal.
  2. Hey sexy haven't heard from you in like forever... life's good, my mom has finally excepted Shaw... I'M SO EXTREMELY HAPPY!... missed you so much too... and my life's been pretty busy, but i'm a sophomore, and of course my life's going to be busy... what've you been up to lately.
  3. not a problem. and i love you too, sexy. xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (these are from Shawn too)
  4. Hey sexy, Shawn's gonna be out today, cause he has an 11 doctors appointment, and his mom has one around 3, and b4 his moms', he's going to be spending time with his niece (older sisters daughter).... basicly Shawn won't be online today, until Monday.
  5. MWA, LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! pm, me when your ready to, well you should know what i mean.
  6. Hey hot stuff, Happy Valentines Day! MWA,
  7. NO... me and Shawn, love you more sexy hot stuff *touches your ass and hears sizzling*
  8. alright, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Love you sexy.
  9. it's not gonna be a new contract, instead, it'll most likely be either, Metro PCS, or cricket, or boost mobile... or even some other company that has monthly mins.
  10. i'm with verizon, but unless you have the same company than we can talk... but if not, were gonna have to wait till i get a prepaid phone.
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