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  1. hii! aww well i donno i have myspace but i never go on it XD i think i still have a u tube?.....but i have bebo?.....
  2. yeah me neither it is really annoying and i just started a few months a go but i have had a my space and a you tube for a while
  3. haha!! well i have been on it for a few years XD lol

    i like it too but i dont like this imited text thing?..
  4. lol...................... i love this site Hows it going?
  5. hehe yeah oh lucky us!!!! lmao ^__~ .
  6. Alright ^_^ I am the same way... sort of..... any way HI
  7. ermmmm...........hi? prob was got bored cos no one was online so i was proflie hopping .... T^T missies my bf tho AGHH im at work well im done just cant get home yet T^T AGHH
  8. Hi saw that you were on my page ....... soooo wat u look'n at?????? lol sorry i am hyper ..... Friends?
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