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  1. hello anime online people, it's been long since i been here, but am trying to make friends with people on PSN, if u own a ps3 and u r a HOME user, please add me and we can get together on HOME, maybe expand anime online on PSN network, who knows who you might meet there!,, my ID is ESPARTACOS1. i hope i see u guys there!
  2. alright watta want me to do...............................................
  3. the next pic? comment? anyway, show me how perverted you are?...
  4. lol you really dont think i am a perv do you? lol ah well only time will tell
  5. you realy dont belieave me do you well read the next pic comment idk i you will check it lol
  6. you're a big perv? show me, let me see how you are?. and no you don't know how it is. to show you that am interested now you will be mine.... mine in my friends list that
  7. ha ha dont belive me then what ever i am no ttoo big lol i am only friken a sophmore (school just ended i was a FREASHMEN) its your issue if you dont want to be my friend so what ev if you wanna walk a way and besides i am probaly the BIGGESt(not litteraly) perv evr !!!!

    but what ev if you dont want to be my friend i see how it is
  8. first of all, you can't be 14, 1 you,re too big, 2 in order to be one the 18+ you had to be older than 14, it was an adult group.. 3 come on, 14 be more real!... but if you really are 14 my bad. lol

    yes too bad it's close, I don't think am gonna join another club here any
    if I do want to know you... won't I be like a perv making friends with a 14 year old girl?....
  9. lol belive it or not i AM 14 and yeah a lot of people want to know me more lol jk really i have a feww pics of my self but really how old do you think i am? now i know it got closed how sad well just make a new one lol
  10. you know you're not 14, but then again, the net if the world of
    and maybe i do want to know you more..

    and about the 18+ thing, is already over, it was close due of some hentai, and hard core images.
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