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  1. ok i will i promise oh wow i had no idea ...................
  2. i will be on every day almost now mostly day time if i am not working or nite hey 813-479-8654 ask for mark if you wanna find me
  3. marrrrrrk where r u???????????????? y do u randomly disssaper???????????
  4. oh well that semi good to here lol i loved the old you too and yeah we have been to gether for a while he has no isuses with you tho... hey do me a favor and make a n account on a site called please i cant go here anymore the school blocked it and i cant use tor cus it has deep freeze
  5. i had an idea duh lol i always new i just was an idiot then i am so different now tho
  6. omg i didint think that you cared about me and yeah i am here i am haveing a little trouble my website right now but omg it feels so good to here from you i kinda got a boy friend but idk if you knew that lol i will pm you
  7. are you ok? you have not talked in ages no pms,or profile messages nothing from you?
  8. gtg now but i will be one at this time tomorrow so dont die on me
  9. yeah true i have been soooooooooo busy but luckily i still get to go online
  10. okays^_^ and i am awsome yeah its been awhile to say the very least
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