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  1. well i am a very out spoken person its a trait of mine i have always had
  2. o wow you are soo making me blush no one is ever this nice
  3. anytime its true if you smile people would trip overthem selves just to see you
  4. um thanks that really puts me in such a good mood and i was so down today too thanks
  5. awsome you look cute you should smile more ok well gtg see you around and be good...
  6. yay!! i finaly got the picture of me to go online i am finaly getting my computer to work
  7. thats cool and i gotta say this site is like the only thing in the world that i dont hate right now my parents accused me of sooo much crap it is not even livable
  8. ^_^ well ty that means alot to me and the same goes for you
  9. really if you want i will listen to any thing you have to say i am a really good listener and i have nothing better to do
  10. well i got your back^_^ and i am sorry things are too i know abuse well
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