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  1. thats really cool to hear and yeah he was drunk and i endded up with a broken arm and shoulder and i spent the past week at my friends house
  2. ahem your kidding that is nuts he beat you o how he is lucky i dont know him i would beat him clear into his next life time with no remorse i hate guys who beat on a ladie and when its family its even worse @_@
  3. you don't go on very often do you? if somthings wrong i am always here
  4. ok so the other day my dad beat the shit out of me and i ran away and i was staying at a friends house and so they came looking finaly like a week later and they took me to the police station and now i have a lot drama to deal with
  5. ah but i do ^_^i got time so feel free to tell me about it i'll listen
  6. oh you think your are in two worlds you don't want to even begin to know the world of hell that i live in
  7. lol o it has only begun if only you knew what is behind open doors i seem to be in 2 worlds as they say it.
  8. what do you mean put up with you? i know for a fact that i have met people more anything than you
  9. sure talking is awsome ^_^ as long as you can put up with me
  10. yeah i know how you feel and if you want i go one line for about an hour at the same time every day so if you want i can talk at that time
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