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  1. thats okay your still making pretty good sense to me so no worries
  2. well thats cool its always worth it to be happy sorry i am probaly making no sense i am really down right now and i cant think straight
  3. awwwwwwww! thats awesome! good fer you! lol theres really not much new with me at all but im pretty happy anyway ^_^
  4. nothing much i have a new boy friend going on two monthes now i love it and now we are gonna go to the winter prom and you?
  5. oh well then lucky you!! lol jk xD so hows it been besides being busy all the time?
  6. oh well i dont have state testing for a while but i am still busy
  7. ugh same here! i hate being busy!! i just finished state tests today so im not as busy thank god!! lol
  8. hey it has been a while i have been good really busy tho and you?
  9. hey its been a while since we talked... so whats up? hows it been?
  10. yeah the only reason i can go one is because i go one during computers at school
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