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  1. Hey. Yeah, It's really been a time since our last talk. And yup, that's meh. I thought I should put one up, so people can at least begin to fathom how I look like. xD
    Anything new? Hm, I had soccer tournament on wednesday and some latin test. Lots of other school things to do, so I'm busy at always. Additionally, aching muscles.
    So yes, I'm doing pretty good.
    You uploaded you concert pics? I'm gonna take a look at them. How was the concert anyway? And how ya doing those last days?
  2. yo what up? long time no talk and i see you also put a pic of you r self up so anything new? oh and i uploaded my concert pics lol they are in my album so far so good
  3. 27th march? Which means you still got lots of time to practice. It won't be a problem for you then. I can remember my first 'performance'. I also was nervous like hell. But it went relatively okay I guess. Half that bad.
  4. lol and its on the 27th of march(the first one past) lol i hope i do good i was soooo nervous the first time
  5. Yeah, I believe in you? When do you have your concert? So I can keep my fingers crossed for you on that day.
    I have been fine. Wasn't online friday and saturday, since I met some friends. We watched to films in cinema in a row ... First "Yes Man" and afterwards "The Watchmen".
    Ah, that's nice of you that you rememberd my test! It was fine, thanks. I got a 2. I think in America that's a "B". Not the best grade, but the second best. Well, I did learn one day, so it's okay I guess. I don't really care anyway.
  6. lol one for each and thank you i actually i belive i will do a good job lol howv you been? and how was that test
  7. Wah! I'd be nervous too! I've never played a solo in my whole life! I can't even think how nervous I would be if I have to play a solo.
    You play a clarinet solo or one with your bass? Anyway, I bet you'll do a great job! (:
  8. lol thanks i am probaly doing asolo in one too i kinda hope so i love to play but i am nervous
  9. That's cool! I never played on my school concert. Never wanted to actually. But it sure helps to play better, if you are able to play in a band. (:
    You're playing bass an clarinet. That's nice. I already do not have enough time to practice with my guitar. I don't want to know what would happen if I played another instrument ...
    Anyway, before I forget: Good luck with your concerts.
  10. lol nah i am playing but not thru the whole thing and i am on my clarinet too lol
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