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  1. ok and how have you been because i am so bored and i just got a new game for my Xbox
  2. yeah so um long time no talk sorry i have been really busy and some things have come up my friend has gone on for me latley
  3. hey its been a while and i want u to check out my post called Dark(quest for Ultimate power)
  4. I got the metal injection ......... I am CBtay01 THe other one wouldn't work.... BY GTG
  5. i have not been on because my aunt is a bitch and wont let me go on the computer
  6. hey Mr.Lonely hows it going you haven't gone on for a while
  7. i told you that i am always i just cant go online at the same exact time every day
  8. nothing wrong, but i do need some one to talk to because right now i feel lonely
  9. is something wrong? you can tell me and you know that.
  10. that ok i just wanted to know because i was not going to be on at all
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