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  1. lol me too i have been really busy tho but not to busy to beat Call of duty i was bored and i had a little down time
  2. Distracted and lazy
  3. lol i have been soooo busy long time no talk howv you been?
  4. Lol it's okay. Have some fruit. XD
  5. huh? oh!!! i couldn't think of any thing to write you kbnow? i was like tottaly brain dead
  6. Block? Lol what's that?
  7. he he same here but i think i might have gotten over the block.... maybe
  8. Go play under tha sunshine? I like rain better though ...
  9. so ... how have you been? i am so beyond bored it is not even funny ... and i have like writers blok... i cant think of anything to write about
  10. Thanks, sweetie
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