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  1. idk i am not really sure what he is into i know he likes henti but other than that idk
  2. Wow! Is it just me or when I make someone a sig their friends want me to make them a sig too.....-.- more worl for me.....XD Oh well. Sure I'll do one. It's kinda hard for me to do a boy's sigs.....*sigh* Anything inparticular he wants???
  3. hey so you know awesomeparty12 i was talking to him and he asks if you could make him a sig too he loves your work
  4. nah anything is cool i am a girl tho so remember that and i totaly love your work
  5. Nyaaahhhhh!!! You do?? Well I'm not the best but I'll give it my all!! You don't mind if I I just make it do you?? Or is there anything specifc you want???
  6. hey how about makeing me a sig? i love your work
  7. thatnks hope you have a great new year too i am soooooooooooooooooooooo hyper today

  9. Um he he well I was up till about 2:00am.......................
  10. O.o whoa!! How long did you stay up??? I stayed up pretty late since I went to a party yesterday....XD
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