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  1. hmm that doesnt sound too difficult i could pull it off^^
  2. uhm if you want that, you have to take multimedia arts or information technology course
  3. hmmm im not sure what i really want to major in but i wanna major in computer programming/web desgin but i dont know what classes i would have to take.
  4. uhm im studying at university of perpetual help here in phil, taking BS hotel and restaurant managament and soon maybe shift in BA fine arts major in what course will you get??...hey just a lil sleepy now, its very late..guess i have 2 sleep for school tmorrow..
  5. wow thats really cool lol^^ im looking forward to college. what college do you go to?
  6. ow junior high huh?! me im in c0llege now but im only 17 hehe,..and i just read your profile, youre 16, here in phil 16 yrs old are in 2nd yr college..
  7. yea im in highschool im a junior (wooot woot)^^ what about you?
  8. ahhh now i know, hehe, hey are you high school stud or college?
  9. yea your welcome avi short for avatar lol its the little picture that shows up when you post on the site like my avi lol^^
  10. hey what is avi?? hehehe sorry im newbie here...btw i really appreciate it! ^^
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