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  1. I'm already at the 50th level and done all that, I just haven't given the card to anyone. I wanna give it to Alkaid because shes my favorite girl in the game, but I have to max out her affection first.
  2. lol wait until you get to 50th level thats where you get Tabby and soon you will get Naomi and then once you do the mecha grunty thing you will get a mail from anna and she will give you the marriage card save after though so you can see everyones ending of and makesure you get everyones friendship to max ok either that or you can't see them...oh and don't give it to endrance unless you wanna see him in a wedding dress and kissing haseo
  3. who told you I haven't played it yet/ Cuz I own it and have beaten the main story and am currently working on the Forest of Pain hidden Quest
  4. lol you haven't played .hack//gu.vol3 yet that sucks for you dude
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