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  1. Ok,lol I'll talk to u l8r. I am trying to make this long enough to submit.
  2. Lol, well I gotta go eat dinner, so I'll ttyl jessica. bye
  3. Oh,I didn't see the first Hellboy I don't think I'm watching that. I thought You don't mess with the Zohan was funny,but really crazy.
  4. Thats cool, I just saw Hellboy 2 yesterday. And I'm ok, my ankles alittle sore, but other than that I'm good.
  5. I'm ok. How r u? I'm supposed to see Hancock later.
  6. Lol, sorry to hear that. But besides that how are you today?
  7. Ok,u didn't offend me. I like funny stuff. I'm trying to play scary movie in the arcade. I got a higher score than RayMe and it wouldn't submit.>
  8. no. I'm not much on the comedy genre. I guess I just think it's dumb*sorry if that offended you)
  9. Oh,yea. I like some shows on comedy central. Do u like any of them?
  10. yea, i never watch shows on adult swim except the anime.
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