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  1. Oh. I like cartoons/anime too. I like music channels. I really hate the squidbillies thing and assy mcgee off adult swim.
  2. Well I only hate Jerry Springer because I was forced to watch it when I was really young.(not by my parents, but by the daycare I went to while my mom went to school.)
    But I mainly watch cartoons and anime. I watch Drake and Josh alot, and I watch the music channels alot too, but thats about it.
  3. Ok,what do u like lol? Bcuz some of the shows I mentioned u haven't heard of or just hate them.
  4. I never watch Jerry Springer..................................I hate that show!
  5. My parents don't know I watch that. Sometimes they tell me not to watch certain stuff,but I can tell they just don't care. My sister got me into watching King of the Hill. I also like Jerry Springer and Maury.
  6. I did not know that. Wow, if my mom knew she'd crap her pants since she hates beavis and butthead so much but yet she was the one who introduced me to king of the hill.
  7. I have the first season of Beavis and Butthead. I finally gave the show a chance a long while ago. I just thought it was dumb,but it's funny too. I saw the movie b4 I saw the show. I like King of the Hill. The same guy off beavis and butthead plays Hank too.
  8. now theres a show I watch sometimes, lol. It's pretty good but my parents don't really approve of me watching it because of the cuss words. But they are more lienent of me watching that than beavis and butthead, because according to my mom, they are just dirty. But if you like shows like that, you should check out King of the Hill if they still have it on TV, it's pretty hilarious.
  9. Ok,nevermind. I'm watching south park now. I like that show.
  10. I just said that I don't watch american idol so I have no clue who you are talking about. I just know some of the people who came from there.
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