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  1. It's not that good anymore to me. I have been to the vote for the place. That's where idiots would vote for Sanjaya. I think he's gay. Did u see all his different hairstyles?
  2. hmm. Yea, I don't really watch american idol, although they have produced a couple of my favorite singers like Chris Daughtry.
  3. Oh,I love reality shows. There r too many tho. I just use American Idol for the auditions. That's all I watch on there.
  4. oh i don't watch reality shows, I think they are boring.
  5. I'm not anymore I just can't find anything else to watch right now lol. And I love money is a new reality show.
  6. I thought you weren't that big of a fan, now your saying you like it alot, lol.
  7. Yeah. I'm watching family guy right now lol. I like the show I love money.
  8. Lol, nice to meet you Jessica^^ And yea, I know how you feel. My username kinda doesn't fit me but I'm stuck with it.
  9. Ok,sure. My name is Jessica. I want to change my username bcuz I'm not a really big family guy fan anymore.
  10. Hey I like Inuyasha alot too, wanna be friends? Oh yea, my name is Josh, but you can call me Takuya
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