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  1. I know it's hard, but remember these words. "nankuro naisa" it means It'll all work out. You just have to believe.
  2. *hugs* don't cry lisa, your voice will return to you. Just drink liquids^^
  3. loli got a bf while you as sleep lol .. he a great guy i like him alot
  4. good nite.......................... see you in the morning
  5. Hey, I have to go lisa, I'm really sorry*hugs tight* don't cry, whatever is wrong will be ok I Promise, take care, bye
  6. Thanks, but some people think of me a different way.
  7. Okay, I warn you, I'm not really not that great looking
  8. hehe, I'll post pics of myself so you can see me, ok^^
  9. You mean your avatar, or the actual pic of you? I like them both though so i guess it matter.
  10. Same as before, sorry, I'm broing, I know, but today is just a boring day, nothing exciting today.
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