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  1. Don't worry about it Phoenix, I hope you got everything straightened out.
  2. lol!!!! sorry had to catch up on a few !!!!!!and fix a few complications.
  3. Oh yea, I'm way better^^ Thats like way in the past, lol
  4. bored lol!!! are you better? last time we talked you just got out of the hospital
  5. Lol, hiya Phoenix, whats up, and how are you?...............
  6. LOL hey jsut dropped by lol to say *****boo********
  7. Yea, i still gotta do my mission for the clan. I woulda done it yesterday but I was in the hospital.
  8. nm going on here with me i guess lol just trying to finish up a fan fic is all. aside from that waiting for the others to get on ao.
  9. Your welcome, and not much, i sprained my ankle pretty bad but other than that, yea.
  10. Arigato for the comment on my picture! Ohio! Chaos! how are you?what did i miss!
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