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  1. My knee is all swollen, and I think it oculd be sprained, but idk. And thats cool^^
  2. well i hope you ddin't get hurt bad. am okay just figuring out a few things to myself. it's okay i understand lol am not such a meanie. lmao...
  3. Hey sorry for not getting on like I promised. and today i was at a b-day party which went well except for me getting hurt >.< Anyways, whats up?
  4. Hey, I gotta go, I'll be on later ok. Ttyl PhoenixSara
  5. right now I'm playing chess with katsoyori33 so i can't, it's hard enough just minimizing the page, but i can handle that. Maybe after the game, ok
  6. we are all in the chat room if you want to join
  7. OK^^ So............................................what s up?
  8. i am not , it takes more than that to tick me off or make me upset don't worry
  9. Oh i thought i actually upset you, lol. Glad you forgive me^^
  10. friends are always welcome! hey i know you were just playing no harm done.
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