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  1. Yea, I see your point. Well that is complicated, even for me.
  2. Well I don't mind, I do love him. I mean we talked about it like we had dated for so many years that we were finally ready to be together. It was really...nice ^^
  3. Yea, I think he rushed things alittle to fast! >.<
  4. Well when I turned 18 then the real drama will begin. We talked so much it scaried me. He told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, have kids, own a house. I mean it scaried me but I was kinda happy. It's not far...
  5. Thats not against the law, that only counts if you are 18 or older, but I understand what you mean, it hapened to me once with my friend Jon and his gf. She started liking me more than him, and it almost destroyed our friendship.
  6. It's not, but he is 14 and I am 16. Against the law. The distance is like half away around the world. Plus there is drama with his gf but he only loves's alot of drama
  7. I see. May I ask why it's wrong for you to love someone?
  8. I wish I could, but I know what I am doing is wrong. But He makes it feel so right..I dunno. He so far away yet he stole my heart.
  9. I know how you feel, I've been there before too, the best way is to probably do what you feel is right, ignore your head and your heart and start thinking independently
  10. Yea I am a little of everything. I don't know how to feel about this anymore. My head says no but my heart says yes...
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