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  1. No it's alright, I hope everythings ok though, cuz you sounded alittle upset and confused?
  2. Oh I am sorry, Yea alot of things happened...alot of which I am not even sure how to think about it..but it's alright
  3. I'm glad you are okay^^ And I understand, thanks for letting me know the situation so I won't get so manic worried anymore, lol
  4. I am here don't worry ok ^^, I have been with alot of work and etc, but don't worry ok ^^
  5. Hey, you must be pretty busy or really sick(i hope not) cuz it's been awhile since you last logged in. Hope you are doing well. Message me the next time you log in, okie^^


    A concerned friend
  6. Yea thanks, its feeling alot better now, just barely any pain left.
  7. Aww thats a shame, I do hope it feels better though ^^
  8. Yea I don't need to go to a doctor. The swelling has decreased a bit and it's stopped hurting as bad. I think I just bruised it pretty bad.
  9. But you should, go to a doctor. well if it's sprained you should have it wrapped
  10. Yea, I've been resting it and I have a bandage over it but i can't find the icepack, lol. And I have been thinking about going to the hospital since I think it's sprained.
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