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  1. I was filming a video with my friend yesterday and I had to do a scene where I fall off his deck, and when i fell I landed on the outside of my knee wrong. It hurts really bad. But I hope you get better to.
  2. Aww what happened to it? I am sowwie <3 I hope it gets better
  3. Oh that stinks. I know how you feel kinda though because I have a hurt knee but I had to go to school this morning.
  4. Umm nothing much, I am alittle sick XD hehhe but I had to work today
  5. Thats cool, I just keep mine the same all the time because My interests never change, and just by my signature, and my profile picture, you can tell what i am^^ Anyways, whats up?
  6. Wow thats really neat. I might change mine soon, I dunno
  7. Yea. Like I said, I'm the same, an angel of light, living in a world of humans^^
  8. Oh yea sure ^^ That would be cool, yea? Thats really cool too, I feel like a fallen angel most of the time anyways
  9. Hey thanks for checking out my page, wanna be friends? Oh yea, and in your about me I kinda am the same^^
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