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  1. Yeah I love sim games oh okay I know what game u r talking about now lol. Yeah that is a good game. so waz your plans for this weekend?
  2. mmhmm they are really cool~ I don't have the sims 3 yet...though i did play a demo on my 360
    *gasp* super smash brothers brawl~ it's like one of the most awesome games of ever~ though the original for the nintendo 64 was the best~
  3. Yeah I love the sim games
    SSB Brawl? whats that?.?
  4. no problemso
    ouu i loove the sims <3 kool :3 get SSB Brawl~ :3
    aww lul~
  5. ^^ thanks
    I got sims 3 for my ds and I am getting a few games for my wii.
    ^^ yeah it was.
  6. oh noeees D: D: *huggies* mew~
    your welscome
    coolio~ what kinda games did you get? and aww thats sweet x3
  7. Just in major pain.... I hate it I'm always in some kind of pain.....

    Oh thanks

    Oh thats awesome! same here got a wii a few games the new twilght movie shirts and some other stuff my bf got me a promise ring for christmas.
  8. nm xp been super bored is all. wbu? :3
    oh no D: i hope you feel better and what not~
    yush yush it has~ mine was good i got a ps3 and a bunch of games how was yours?
  9. Hey waz up? I wasn't on here because I sprong my ankle and knee.... It still hurts.... manly my ankle hurts so much right now..... thats y I haven't been online ong. its been a sucky few weeks... so how was ur christmas and new yrs?
  10. Your welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 +Pokes you back+ haha!
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