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  1. yah it is in my school as well...
    it really suckz :[
  2. i am in highschool. I dont like it here, it is way too cramped. 1400 kids in a smallish school. yeah not fun.
  3. ouuu *wants to watch :I*
    yah i can but i dont have sound :[
    i'm in both kinda :3
  4. It is really funny. cant you go on to the computers at school? are you in collage of highschool?
  5. yay i made happiness~~~ X3
    thankies~ lul
    ouu i will as soon as i get out of school, lul i <3 Jaden xD
  6. Hahaha that made my day. you are funny. hey on youtube or grooveshark look up yugi/yami vs jaden battle. it is funny.
  7. ello~
    im doing awesome atm :3
    oh noes dont be hap- no wait...your already happy...hmmmm *idea~* dont be sad be jello
  8. Hey hey hey how are you doing today. I am soo happy but soo sad.
  9. thanks for the request
    lalalalalalalalalalalala x3
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