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  1. Lol s'okay. Me too, actually. I finally graduated from high school.
  2. That's good! ^_^ BTW, sorry I hadn't replied in so long. I've been super busy lately.
  3. ^_^ Lol that's awesome. I'm glad some have started to talk to you now. (:

    I'm in the process of filling out college applications. I still don't really know what I want to do, though. Just with computers. I want to learn a lot of the programming languages and other stuff. Oh web design, too. P: We'll see.
  4. oh hell no! ^_^ One more point for the girls!

    They'll get over it. Several of them actually talk to me now.
  5. Lol. Don't ever let their envy discourage you, though.
  6. I think they hate me cuz I'm better than them in Unreal Tournament... ^_^ Yea! I kick ass in that game!
  7. :/ Yeah I know that women in that field are rare but steadily growing, which is great. =D

    And that's how it is in my programming class. There aren't many girls but they don't think much of us either.
  8. I hope ... ^_^ In several of my classes, i'm the only chick... you'd think being surrounded by a lot of guys would be interesting, but no... this guys are just brainy and don't think much of me.
  9. Wow... that's so awesome. I'm sure you'll do great. And I love Squeenix. :'D

    Lol, but I'm sure there are many girls in that work field.
  10. Awesome! I'm trying to get my degree in Game and Simulation... ^_^ I totally want to work for a company like Square-nix... I'll probably be the only chick there too. LOL
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