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  1. Funny thing is I never use any of them!

    Stalketh the stalker....nice touch
  2. Wow, you have an MSN, AIM, and Yahoo usernames, makes you sound a alittle desperate for people to contact you. :P

    And I'm not creeping you out by looking at your profile late at night am I?
  3. My powers go beyond the known... O_O

    actually CB just didn't make me a mod correctly and I now have 2 primary groups...I am glad you are feeling better hopefully you won't have those issues anymore
  4. It isn't like I can't be added back again if needed, but really most of the fixes I can't do with admin powers. They require server access which is independent of your status on the site. As far as who should be admin IMO Len should be.
  5. Naw, it isn't like that. I am just trying to help fix some of the issues. I plan on going back to a normal mod or maybe a normal member when they are fixed.
  6. No internet at the house!!!! Isn't that one of the 9 circles of hell?
  7. pokes zev...are you sleeping again?
  8. Really good, no complaints on my end. How have you been doing lately?
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